Tine's Innovation Journey

Tine stands as one of Norway’s most formidable brands with a legacy spanning 135 years. For a long time, the company virtually monopolized its market. However, with rising national and international competition, the company had to pivot and innovate. To achieve this necessary transition, Tine embarked on its unique innovation journey.

Used for

Organzational change




50 participants

Main Objective

The starting point was the recognition that innovation doesn’t materialize in a vacuum. Modern innovation revolves around collaboration, processes, and interactive learning, both among employees and between the company and the outside world. Knowledge about innovation was therefore deemed a key ingredient to Tine’s future success.

Used Features From Diggle

For innovation to be targeted, the company’s employees needed a clear overview and understanding of the primary drivers of innovation.

  • Broaden the understanding of what innovation is and why it is important
  • Mapping out innovation competence among employees
  • Facilitate work sessions across the nation

Advanced QT

Our Advanced question types are designed for more interactive and collaborative training sessions.

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Live Training

Cultivate a dynamic and interactive atmosphere that keeps participants engaged and invested.

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Analyzed Results

Comprehensive data capture and identification of important focus areas.

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Final Result

The feedback from the innovation journey was overwhelmingly positive. The threshold to propose innovations was lowered, largely because employees had their understanding of innovation broadened, realizing that innovation could span every facet of the value chain. The use this method ignited enthusiasm and ownership for innovation as an essential tool for Tine’s sustained success.