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What is a Company Workspace?

  The Company Workspace is a shared space by multiple users within a company or organization and is available for our enterprise customers.   You may consider it a catalog of content where a few authors can create training content for workshops, presentations, and micro surveys, while others can access...

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How do I cancel my subscription?

The subscription is automatically renewed annually. You may cancel at any time under “Settings” in your Diggle account. If you cancel your subscription with time left on the billing period, you can still use Diggle until your account is terminated....

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Is Diggle GDPR compliant?

We have taken many measures to make Diggle GDPR compliant and compliant with EU law. Our main server host is in the EU, and the Diggle application does not share private data with countries outside of Europe. We use sub-processors in the USA, mainly for the landing...

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Will Diggle work with my browser?

Diggle works with most browsers and is compatible with Mac and PC. We recommend using updated versions of the following browsers: Chrome  Microsoft Edge  Safari  Firefox  Internet Explorer is not supported....

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