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Interactive result layouts

You can click most result layouts, like bar charts and word clouds, to get additional information. For example: click on a bar chart to see who answered what. Click on a word in a word cloud to see all sentences with that word in it. ...

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Presentation mode – full screen

If you click the “Present” button, your presentation will start from the current slide in full-screen mode without speaker notes. This is the most usual and the simplest. Next to the “Present” button, there’s a drop-down arrow. Click it to display different options:     Present from the beginning Your...

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Merged slides – what is that?

Merged slides are a hybrid between the two main navigation modes when presenting: Presenter- and audience pace. Participants are allowed to navigate at their own pace between merged slides, even if the main setting is Presenter pace. You can merge slides in both Builder (creating your Diggle)...

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Navigation modes

Diggle has two main navigation modes and a third "hybrid" mode for workshops. Presenter pace The presenter-paced mode gives you complete control of the progression through the Diggle. This is the default setting for all new Diggles. It means that the participants will only be able to...

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Presentation mode – Backstage

Watch the brief introduction to Backstage on YouTube now, and come back later for a more comprehensive explanation provided below. to the “Present” button, there’s a drop-down arrow. Click it to display different options: Backstage presenter In this mode, you’ll be able to see the slides, the...

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Presentation modes

Diggle, like Google Slides and PowerPoint, has different presentation modes for different situations.Building a Diggle and presenting it is now a seamless process. You simply click the Present button in the builder, then you are live! There are two presentation modes.Like in Powerpoint, you can present...

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