Collaboration and Corona – are the extroverts suffering extra?

Do the extroverts, those who by nature have a greater need for social interaction, suffer more than the introverts from the situation we find ourselves in? The question was asked in a forum I often visit this week. In these times a highly relevant question, given that we are all forced to keep our distance and see less of each other. Private, but also at work.

These times we are in shows how extremely adaptable humans are. When everyday life changes completely, it doesn’t take us long before we slowly but surely find new ways to make everyday life work again. Home school for the children, home office for you and me, customers and partners scattered and impossible to visit.

The use of digital tools has exploded in recent weeks. Doctors and psychologists use it for their consultations, work meetings are held on Zoom, Skype, Teams, Whereby. You name it. New users are forced to seek alternatives, and suddenly they have started to see a potential in tools that have been there, but that needed a global pandemic to really see the great benefits of. This is how we experience it in Diggle now as well.

Diggle is a tool designed to involve and engage. Typically used in meetings and workshops where managers and staff discuss, share experiences and views, and together develop new knowledge and common understanding.


The picture above  seems almost nostalgic these days, even though it is less than three weeks since all these people were gathered to discuss what measures to take, in order to develop the company to become a world leader in their field!

But what we know, and now increasingly more than us, is that one does not necessarily have to gather physically like this, in order to have good discussions, reflections and exchanges of meaning. Diggle is used more and more often by customers who either sit in their home office or need more in-depth discussions with people sitting in different locations.

With Diggle, you can just ask simple questions to participants in a meeting to get views on a given topic, or to generate ideas and discuss the implications of the input that comes. And very much more.

Although what is happening in the world today is in every way a tragedy, it also shows what lives in us humans when we have to think again. That’s why, as part of the collective responsibility to help each other out, we’ve made Diggle freely available until the end of August for anyone who wants to test it out and see how it can be used to solve their problems. 

We are a small Norwegian start-up who are happy for everyone who wants to use it, and if I’m right we will also learn an incredible amount from you along the way!

Whether it is the introverts or extroverts who suffer the most? We do not know. Yet. But maybe you can use Diggle to have a good discussion about it, and at the same time share some thoughts on what we can do to help each other not to get too lonely?

You are most welcome to contact if you want to know more.

Lars – Founding Partner and Product Manager
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +47 924 24 840


Thumbnail picture by Freepik