Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use?

Do the participants have to create an account?

No, they simply log in to a session at

Does my audience have to download an app?

No, there is nothing to download. Everything is URL based. We are, however, considering launching an app for the enterprise market.

I would like a corporate license with several users, what are my options?

We are very happy to hear that! Please contact us at [email protected].

Can participants be anonymous?

Yes, you can give the participants the option between logging in anonymously or by a name or nick. 

How do I upgrade my Diggle account?

You can upgrade your starter license to an advanced subscription at any time. Please contact us at [email protected]. Pricing?

How can my audience join a Diggle?
What is the maximum number of participants?

The number of allowed participants per session depends on your price plan. The free version will enable you to have up to 10 participants join.

What can I use Diggle for?

Get inspired by Situations for Diggle!

Can i share a Diggle with a colleague or a friend?

You can share a Diggle with anyone with a Diggle account to collaborate on content development. Only the Owner of the Diggle can use it in a presentation as long as it is shared. However, all collaborators can create a copy for personal use!

Can collaborators present the same Diggle at the same time?

Two people can not present the same Diggle simultaneously. However, all collaborators can still edit a Diggle while used by the Owner in a live session. For example, two of you are doing a training session and have collaborated on content development. During a live session, both of you can go in and make changes to help each other out! We know – it’s pretty genius.

How do I display results?

Old users will notice that the presenter has been completely redesigned. Building a Diggle and presenting it is now a seamless process. You simply click the Present button in the builder, and you are live!

Like in Powerpoint, you can present in full-screen mode or use a separate screen. Presenting using a separate display gives you more control and predictability, especially in workshops with many questions and participants. The new Backstage presenter gives you easy access to all your needed features.

Can I import my PowerPoint slides in Diggle?

You most certainly can! But why stop there? You can also import slides from Keynote, Google slides and PDFs. And slides from other Diggles.


Can I import slides from other Diggles?

You can import slides from any Diggle you can access in both your personal- and company workspace. Just hit the Import button in the Builder.



I want to add videos to my Diggle, is it possible?

We have two video options for you. One slide type is called Video stream. Here you can paste any URL-based video link that is not beyond a firewall.

The Video upload slide allows you to do exactly that. Upload your video directly and store it in Diggle. Then you know it will always be accessible and ready to play in both your workshop and remote training.

How do I use the Presenter View Navigator?

When running a Diggle-session, the default setting is Mirror View. To choose Presenter View, move your mouse to the bottom of the screen and click the settings-button 

and choose Presenter  View. You now have full control over what the audience see by opening a separate “view only” display to show on the big screen.

Can I run a workshop with Diggle?

Yes! Diggle was born for running workshops. The different Question Types can be combined to run short or long workshops. We have question types for brainstorming, idea generation, voting on ideas, open ended questions, in addition to the classical polling questions, multiple choice etc.


Diggle contains two main methods for showing live results during a session. Using the Mirror View, what you see on your computer and what the audience see, is the same. You navigate through menus that activates when you move your mouse, and disappears after a second. This is the default setting. The Presenter View gives you full control. Like in Power Point, you have two separate screens. One for showing results and a separate screen on your computer or tablet. From here, you have full control over progress, answers and displays, and choose only to share what you want, when you want.

Can I run my Diggle from a separate device?

Yes. You can use another computer or a tablet. We are currently working on a solution for using your smartphone. Stay tuned!

What do you mean by ``Running a Diggle``?

A Diggle refers to the content you have made and want participants to join. It might be a single question or a series of questions. It might refer to a survey you have made, a brainstorm-workshop or a classroom course. Since Diggle have so many areas of use, we simply use “a Diggle” to avoid confusion.

Can I insert math equations and formulas in Diggle?

Yes, you can add math formulas in any question field by using KaTeX.


What do I need to use Diggle?

To make and run a Diggle you need a computer with an internet connection. Your audience can use any online device!

Will Diggle work with my browser?

Diggle works with most browsers and is compatible with Mac and PC. We recommend using one of the following browsers:

  • Chrome 49+
  • Microsoft Edge 
  • Safari 9.0+
  • Firefox 45.0+

Internet Explorer is not supported. We recommend you use Microsoft Edge.


Please read our Privacy & Terms. Diggle is fully GDPR compliant.


What are my payment options?

Credit cards or invoice.

How much does Diggle cost?

Have a look at the different price plans by clicking on Pricing.

Can I pay for one month only?

No. For Diggle Starter and Advanced, we only offer yearly subscriptions. If you need Diggle only for a one-time event, such as a large conference or an event, please contact us at [email protected].

What if i regret my purchase?

If you cancel within fourteen (14) days from the day you purchased and you have not ran any Diggle sessions, you will receive a full refund.

How do I cancel my subscription?

The subscription is automatically renewed annually. You may cancel any time under “Settings” in your Diggle account. If you cancel your subscription with time left on the billing period, you can still use Diggle until your account is terminated.

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