Katapult Future Fest 2019

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Katapult Future Fest 2019

Katapult Future Fest and Diggle teamed up for a seriously engaging experience in 15 different labs!

Katapult Future Fest is a festival and conference unlike any other. With its focus on our future society, it aims at connecting tech for good and investment with positive impact.

The KFF19 had a unique focus on involving its participants. In addition to live podcast studio and perspective panels, 15 parallel workshops –  named labs – were conducted.

At the lab sessions, 45 groups discussed 15 different issues related to future scenarios such as “Food Systems – what needs to change?”, “Future of Learning & Education” and “Climate Shame”. All groups contributed with concrete solutions, what needs attention and what is needed to succeed in solving the challenges.

Diggle was used as tool for the discussions, and the participants used Diggle to write down their input. This way, the results were all captured for future activities. Diggle provides the results from the labs in a final report to all participants.

Emphasizing collaboration for testing, reflection and experimentation is totally in the Diggle spirit! Sharing of knowledge and experience as well as doubts and uncertainties is what humans need to be able to learn, change and develop”, says Lars Pedersen at Diggle.


Photo: Jan Khür

Photos used with permission from Katapult Future Fest.