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Presentation mode – full screen

  • If you click the “Present” button, your presentation will start from the current slide in full-screen mode without speaker notes. This is the most usual and the simplest.
  • Next to the “Present” button, there’s a drop-down arrow. Click it to display different options:



Present from the beginning: Your presentation will start from the first slide in full-screen mode.


Presenting in full-screen mode

Click the Present button to start the presentation from the current slide, or select Present from the beginning in the drop-down arrow menu.

The QR code and login details open automatically to allow participants to join.


Activating the three main menus

Slide-list appears when you move your mouse to the left of the screen. Click a slide to present it, or use the menu arrows or keyboard arrows to move back and forth.

Quick menu: More, Show results, show correct, timer, and next/previous slide appear when moving the mouse to the bottom of your screen.

These buttons allow you to show and hide results when presenting. When a question type has an answer key, the show

correct button will automatically activate. The timer function allows you to set a time limit for submitting responses to the current slide in your presentation.

You can use the next and previous arrows to continue to the next slide or return to the previous one.

Click More to access additional settings (see Presentation mode – Backstage for more details).


Participants menu: 

Click the Participant icon to open the list of all participants. Click a name to display the participant’s answer.