Question types

Question types

Telling creates resistance. Asking creates relationships.

Sometimes all you need is a live poll or a quick feedback. Other times you need something more. Diggle provides you with question types developed to address both simple and more complex issues!

Choose image

Answer by choosing one or more picture alternatives.


Present a dilemma chase. Ask people to position themselves on a scale and explain why. Display the results to se how people differ in their opinions.


A popular metaphor for organizational culture. Add suggestions and place them in the visible or underwater part of an iceberg


Introduce a problem or case with text, video or images.

Multiple Choice

A classic question type. Choose one alternative from a set of predefined options.

Multiple Response

Choose one or more alternatives from a set of predefined options.

Open Ended Qestion

Participant answer questions in their own words. Great for when you want more than a “yes” or “no” answer


Choose one alternative from a set of predefined option with no right or wrong answer.


Have your participants register personal background information


Answer questions or rate statements using scales. A quick way to gather useful data.

Select order

Sort options as a correct sequence of actions or simply by preference.

True or false

Make a simple poll or icebreaker. Present a statement with two alternatives. True or False, Yes or No – you decide.

Word cloud

A word cloud is a simple visualization of data, in which words are shown in varying sizes depending on how often they appear.

Generate and vote

Add ideas and choose indivitually wich ones they like the most. All the top ideas are then mixed and everyone vote to find the overall top idea.

Generate, vote and explain

A continuation on “Generate and Vote”. Have everyone explain how they would make the ideas a reality.


Generate ideas into categories. Vote on the added ideas to find the most popular ones.


Add a lock screen to control when you want participants to wait for further instructions during a live session.

Spider chart

Compare several items and get immediate insight in more complex matters.

Barchart v1

Barchart v2

Barchart – Image

Barchart Top 3



Individual Answer


Wall of Text


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