Why information is not enough

Change is constant and employees of today are expected to continuously acquire new knowledge and skills. Still, organizations fail to engage their employees. Yesterday’s information policies might be the reason.

For 30 years the founders of Diggle have been working with learning and development in business and organizations.

Cross industries, our main finding is how important it is to create understanding and acceptance of changes by involving and engaging employees.”, says Lars Pedersen at Diggle.  

Business that lean towards the old-fashioned method where management inform employees and channels of interaction are scarce, will face difficulty in recruiting and retaining the best candidates.

With the emergence of social media and millennials entering the job market, employees require getting involved, not just informed.

That is why we have developed Diggle – an online tool for interaction, engagement and organizational learning that can be used by both managers and employees.”, Lars explains.

Either the focus is mergers, strategy work, value creation, onboarding or product launches – the result will certainly improve when people affected experience true involvement.

Learning is most effective when one is given the opportunity to discuss and reflect with others. Sharing of knowledge and experience as well as doubts and uncertainties is what humans need to be able to learn, change and develop”, says Lars Pedersen who is a practicing psychologist in addition to being part of the Diggle team.


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