The Diggle team has 30 years of experience. Here are some of our projects and clients we have helped evolve and grow.

Statens vegvesen

Cross regional collaboration

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The Norwegian Public Roads Administration consists of a directorate and five regions, all of which receive advice from the internal HR and the administration department (HRA). We used Diggle for all employees at HRA. Over 300 participants were gathered, where the focus was on developing content that gave participants insight into the strategy, as well as creating engagement and larger collaboration across regions and sections.Results were aggregated and displayed on the big screen, and input from the groups was subsequently processed by the management team.

Read more was established in 2000 and is a well established classified advertisements operates in a market subject to constant change. But how to master the art of being true to the brand and living the values, when the changing competitive landscape requires us to think new? The whole workforce used Diggle in combination with the Dialogue mat to involve to discuss issues and answers to various questions associated with FINN’s values. With Diggle we captured useful data for future strategic priorities.

DNB Legal

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In a legal environment within banking and finance, knowing the law is not enough – you need to know banking as well! A prerequisite for making a difference lies in gaining in-depth knowledge of the bank’s operations and daily operations. At DNB Legal’s seminar, Diggle was used when approximately 80 employees discussed different strategic challenges and goals. 18 groups were involved in a variety of discussions, information and open feedback. Combined with information and panel discussions with the management team, this resulted in a day of extremely high involvement, experience sharing, skills development and strategic coordination.


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Joker consists of 466 shops spread throughout Norway and celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. In the context of the anniversary, Kjøpmannshuset invited all merchants in Norway for a two-day gathering. The focus of the gathering was to get a common understanding of the service concept at Joker. A total of 600 participants were gathered in the same room and divided into groups of 8. Diggle was used to discuss specific measures for implementing the concept in their local shop. In cooperation with Joker’s management we aggregated results live to the stage, creating both commitment, ownership and useful data for making informed decisions later. 

Tine SA

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TINE SA is Norway’s largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products with 11,400 members (owners) and 9,000 cooperative farms. In 2013, TINE launched a new vision and also adjusted its behavioral values. Specifique first made an educational program using Diggle for three major leader summits. The theme was the company’s new vision, and participants should provide input and feedback on prepared proposals from the Group Management, before final conclusion.


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Hurtigruten’s vision is to be a world leader in exploration travel. In 2014-2015, Hurtigruten repositioned its brand, and established new and higher requirements for their corporate culture. The aim was to help align the experience of the Hurtigruten brand for both customers, potential employees, partners and other stakeholders, with the new strategy and vision of the company. All employees, managers and employees in all offices and vessels were the target group for the project. Diggle was used to develop an educational concept for all leaders in Hurtigruten, with a focus on new strategy and new ambitions. We conducted two sessions with 400 people, giving valuable input for the further strategic work.


Cookbook for Social Entrepreneurship

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Ferd is a family-owned Norwegian investment-company committed tovalue-creating, ownership of businesses and investments in financial assets. In addition to the group’s purely commercial activities, Ferd has an extensive involvement in social entrepreneurship. In November 2015, FERD arranged the Social Entrepreneurship conference. 370 people participated, including private investors, government employees, politicians, nonprofit organizations, students and a wide range of social entrepreneurs. Diggle was used to engage participants in dialogue and discussions, both around the tables, across the foyer and with facilitators on stage. All information was digitally stored, and formed an important part of what went on to become the cookbook for social entrepreneurship.


The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)

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A lively community of organisations sharing the same vision anda common goal: creating positive societal impact through venture philanthropy and social investment. On November 9-11. 2017, 530 participants from around the world met in Oslo for the EVPA Annual Conference. The aim was to exchange ideas, lessons learnt and be inspired by a variety of actors in venture philanthropy and social investment (VP/SI), as well as showcasing the Nordic model. Using Diggle, participants joined five parallel workshops in five different locations, shared ideas and experiences around five Wicked Problems within the VP/SI area. The aggregated results were transmitted live to the different locations, and a report was created containing all ideas and information submitted by all groups delivered to the participants.


Building a Safe by Choice culture

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Yara is a mineral fertilizer company, founded in 1905 to solve the emerging famine in Europe. They have a worldwide presence with about 17,000 employees and operations in over 60 countries. In 2018, Yara reported revenues of USD 12.9 billion. A strong track record places Yara among the industry leaders with respect to health, environmental, safety and quality performance. Yara believes every accident is preventable. Diggle has been used in a mix of analogue and digital training material for approx. 17.000 employees Diggle ensures data gathering and display of aggregated information in larger groups. The aim of the HESQ training is to create greater awareness and higher learning retention, ultimately enabling a truly Safe by Choice culture.


Leadership Summit 2017 – 2018

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2017 – Was focused on making ‘One YARA’ and a culture with more curiosity and better collaboration. Diggle was used in interactive workshops, designed to improve understanding and fuel new insights into the cultural change process.

2018 – Where we focused on the new strategy to become the Crop Nutrition Company for the Future. 250 Yara leaders from all over the world was gathered for experience sharing, updates and discussions. Diggle was used to facilitate discussion and harvest new insights and perspectives from the leaders on the three pillars of the new strategy.

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