The Power of Tight-Loose-Tight

Telenor is one of the largest mobile telecommunications companies worldwide, with operations in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Asia. The organization is known for its significant contributions to the development of mobile telecommunications, pioneering various technologies and services.

Used for



Organizational Culture, Leadership Training


120 participants

Main Objective

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, Telenor has been at the forefront of leading a flexible working environment. The company established the Tight-Loose-Tight (TLT) principle, where you must ensure close (tight) follow-up, establish expectations and provide direction, be flexible (loose) in giving managers and teams freedom when solving tasks, and then closely (tight) follow-up and ensure learning.

Used Features From Diggle

Diggle was chosen as the main platform for the project, where both preparatory work and leadership workshops were held. During a time where physical meetings were close to impossible, this solution worked very well, and several management groups have already adopted and utilised the methodology.

  • A two-day virtual workshop
  • Live input and data collection
  • Joint ownership and sustainable change

Advanced QT

Our Advanced question types are designed for more interactive and collaborative training sessions.

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Live Training

Cultivate a dynamic and interactive atmosphere that keeps participants engaged and invested.

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Company Workspace

Collaborative space for company-specific training and discussions.

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Final Result

In short, TLT leadership has arisen via agile theory, where the focus is leading through clear goals, ensure greater extent of cross-functional teams, and exercise greater degrees of trust and freedom. The ambition was to lift an already well-functioning company to new heights and new markets through better management, increased transparency, and more room for exploration – which is exactly what they did. Diggle provided a fun and interactive event that promoted virtual information sharing among colleagues, increasing the understanding and learning outcomes of the session.