Create interactive learning activities with Diggle using unique question- and content slides. Customize your creations with themes and designs.

  • AI content generator

    Use our AI Buddy to help you get started. Create your learning experiences quicker than ever before!

  • Basic and advanced question types

    Diggle comes fully equipped with both basic and advanced question types—everything you need, from running simple polls and quizzes to in-depth brainstorming sessions and workshops.

  • Content slides

    No more switching windows between your presentation and your interactive slides! Use Content slides with talking points in the same Diggle as your interactive slides, never breaking the flow of your learning!

  • Themes and colors

    Easily customize the visual aspect of your Diggle to look just the way you want, whether it's your favorite colors of your company profile! Not sure what to choose? With the ready made Themes are just a click away from a great looking Diggle!

  • Co-creation

    We believe in learning together, and that includes creating learning content. Share your Diggle with your collaborators, and work seamlessly in the same Diggle to get the best product possible!

  • Quiz

    Not everything has to be overly complicated and big, sometimes all you need is a fun quiz to get your participants going! Or use the quiz as an exam with pass/fail cutoffs to test their knowledge.


Engage participants with unique questions, controlling the session’s flow as a facilitator. Choose between running live sessions with real-time results or allowing self-paced participation, even combining both in one presentation.

  • Flexible presenter modes

    Use the quick and easy Presenter mode to run your Diggle without any hassle, or gain full control over everything with Backstage mode to move lazy participants or Sneak Peek on the next slides or incoming results.

  • A pace for every need

    Run your Diggle in Presenter pace to move your participants through a workshop or let them follow their own flow with Audience pace. Or mix and match the paces with the Merge Slides functionality, allowing users to work at their own pace in smaller sections of a larger presentation.

  • Live results

    Show the results live as you go, or wait and go through everything at the end with just a click of a button!

  • Tablet compatibility

    No need to stay locked behind a computer when facilitating a workshop! The Diggle Backstage presenter is fully compatible with touch tablets, making it easy to engage and connect with your participants without compromise.


Gather and analyze feedback, then share results to make informed decisions. Elevate learning across your organization with Diggle’s reporting tools, allowing easy download of results in .pptx, .pdf, and .xlsx formats.

  • Interactive online report

    Review your Diggle results online, selecting slides and filtering responses quickly, with the added option to share reports with others.

  • Downloadable report

    Results are only relevant if they get used! Download your results as .pptx, .pdf and .xsxl files to analyze and learn from your Diggles, bringing the learning all the way through your organization.

  • Participant analytics

    Enhance data collection with participant analytics in Diggle. Track logins and session details, and apply custom filters to utilize the data fully.

  • SCORM compatibility

    Already got an integrated LMS? No worries, Diggle is SCORM compatible with every possibility to access, download and combine reports from your other e-learnings.

  • AI result analyzer (coming soon)

    Got a lot of open ended text replies? Want to see the larger trends in the replies of your Diggles? The AI results analyzer will help you aggregate and summarize the results from your Diggles.

For Enterprise users

Comprehensive learning solutions for larger enterprises.

  • Personal Workspace

    Your own personal homespace in Diggle, containing all your Diggles, folders, and results.

  • Company Workspace

    Connect your organization with the Company Workspace, giving full control over Diggles, projects and results within the company (Enterprise exclusive)

  • License levels for every need

    Diggle ensures your company's learning content remains secure with three enterprise license levels: 'Run Only' for facilitators to access Diggles, 'Authors' for content creation, and 'Admin' for workspace administration. (Exclusive to Enterprise)

  • Company colors

    Want to keep a professional profile across all your Diggles? The Company colors in the Company Workspace will be easily accessable to anyone who is connected to the organization (Enterprise exclusive)