Create the questions you want people to answer or discuss. It can be a simple poll or an advanced workshop session.


Invite people to join and start the interaction. Run a live session, displaying results on a big screen or have people answering your questions at a distance in their own pace.


Download results. Analyse your findings. Use them to make informed decisions. No more time wasted on inputs given on flip-overs and yellow notes.

Super Easy Content Creation

When to engage people with Diggle




Develop new ideas



Polling - gather opinions


Learning and events

Telenor was among the first to use Diggle and test various versions of the platform. Diggle has proved very valuable in use and its reputation has spread rapidly in our organization. An increasing number of people working at Telenor with learning, development and events are now using Diggle for various initiatives.

Arnfinn Nyseth Manager at Telenor Innovation Center

Involvement during change

As a management consultant, working with change- and implementation processes, Diggle is a truly easy and powerful tool. It helps me to create involvement and engagement, and perhaps most important - give people the feeling of true ownership to their own processes.

Tor Berntsen CEO/Partner iProsess

Reflective learning

Diggle is a tool that strengthens reflections and thought processes among our employees. Diggle works very well to enrich classroom courses and to create engagement on academic topics in our learning initiatives.

Christian Simonsen Competency Advisor, Apotek 1