PwC - Understanding and Compliance of Ethical Guidelines

PwC is a multinational professional services network of firms. The organization is known for its commitment to delivering quality in assurance, advisory, and tax services, and to its extensive research and analysis on economic and business trends.

Used for

Continuous training


Values & Ethics


80 participants

Main Objective

Acting according to ethical principles and values is essentially a matter of awareness. All PwC units and employees are subject to a “Code of Conduct” (CoC). These ethical guidelines are based on PwC’s values, which are specified in various areas. The mission was to create an understanding of, reflection about, and integration of CoC among employees in PwC Norway.

Used Features From Diggle

Not all behaviours are specified through standards, laws, regulations, and guidelines, which created the basis for the training program.

  • Two target groups: Associates and Senior Assiocates
  • Scenario-based training 
  • Focus on ethical behaviours towards stakeholders

Advanced QT

Our Advanced question types are designed for more interactive and collaborative training sessions.

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Live Training

Cultivate a dynamic and interactive atmosphere that keeps participants engaged and invested.

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Analyzed Results

Comprehensive data capture and identification of important focus areas.

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Final Result

Each participant developed their own action plan that illustrated what areas he or she should focus on moving forward. The action plans were communicated to the respective managers, and are incorporated into the annual employee review.