Our AI feature: Your Personal Guide in Diggle!

Embrace innovation in content creation with Diggle Buddy, our new feature powered by Chat GPT. We have designed Diggle Buddy to assist you in crafting compelling Diggle presentations, ensuring a smooth and guided experience every step of the way.

Here’s how Diggle Buddy enhances your content creation:

  • Step-by-Step Guidance
    In order to create an effective workshop, you need to know your participants. What are their backgrounds, characteristics, knowledge levels, and expectations? This information will help you tailor the content, activities, and delivery methods to meet their needs.
  • Presentation Format Selection
    Whether it’s a live presentation/workshop, a remote survey/feedback session, or an interactive quiz, Diggle Buddy helps set the perfect stage.
  • Topic Definition
    Diggle Buddy tailors the content to meet your needs
  • Learning Objectives
    With Diggle Buddy, you can establish clear learning targets, adding direction and purpose to your content.
  • Audience Customization
    Tailor your Diggle to fit your audience’s knowledge level and preferences.
  • Language Options
    Diggle Buddy tailors the content to meet your needs
  • Personal Touches
    Add your own style with customization options for tone of voice, question types, and more.

Diggle Buddy crafts a foundation of about 15 diverse slides that you can further develop and refine. This initial setup is your springboard to create engaging, educational, and impactful presentations.

Diggle Buddy is here to facilitate your journey in exploring Diggle’s extensive capabilities, making creating educational content more straightforward and effective than ever. Start your journey with Diggle Buddy today and transform your approach to teaching and learning!