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Navigation modes

Diggle has two main navigation modes and a third “hybrid” mode for workshops.

Presenter pace

The presenter-paced mode gives you complete control of the progression through the Diggle. This is the default setting for all new Diggles. It means that the participants will only be able to continue to the next slides after you continue your presentation on your device. This is perfect if you have planned a discussion of results before continuing to the next slide.


Audience pace

In this mode, the audience can continue through the diggle without restrictions. This is perfect for surveys, pre-works, or other diggles where you do not plan on having any stops between the slides/tasks.


Merged slides – a mix of the presenter- and audience pace

Merged slides is actually not a mode in itself but a feature in the builder when making your Diggle. If you wish to have your participants complete multiple questions or read multiple slides without stopping, you can merge two or more of them together!  This makes these slides “audience-paced,” even if you have chosen the Presenter paced navigation mode.

We recommend using this feature when you want your participants to work for a longer time on a series of questions, typically more open-ended reflection questions, and allow for individual progress. Some may want to use 5 minutes on question one, while others spend more time on question 3.


Right-click to merge.