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Presentation mode – Backstage

Watch the brief introduction to Backstage on YouTube now, and come back later for a more comprehensive explanation provided below.

Next to the “Present” button, there’s a drop-down arrow. Click it to display different options:



Backstage presenter

In this mode, you’ll be able to see the slides, the speaker notes, the menus, and other settings, such as participant responses and sneak peek.


The Backstage presenter view offers several options and settings. Let’s have a look at the menu at the bottom.


Show results, show correct, timer and next/previous slide:

These buttons allow you to show and hide results when presenting. When a question type has an answer key, the show

correct button will automatically activate.

The timer function allows you to set a time limit for submitting responses to the current slide in your presentation.

You can use the next and previous arrows to continue to the next slide or return to the previous one.


Navigate the presentation and merge slides

This menu lets you click directly on the slide you want the participants to see and access. The green arrow shows which slide is currently on display,

Clicking the main preview window centers the presentation.

Right-clicking a slide allows you to merge slides. Please take a look at this tutorial video for a detailed description.


The Settings menu

This menu contains options that affect the whole presentation and individual slides.

Please take a look at our tutorial for a more detailed description.


Anonymize responses (A): Replaces participant’s names/nicknames with “anonymous 1, 2, etc.” when displaying results.

Hide login details (H): Removes the top log-in bar from all slides

Show QR code (Q): Displays the log-in details

Presenter pace: Shift from presenter pace to audience pace in your presentation.

Backstage view: Shift from backstage view to full-screen view.

Copy participation link: Copies participation link to your clipboard for sharing in chat, email, etc.

Open presentation screen: Opens a presentation screen for displaying on a separate monitor/display.

Move lazy participants: Force all participants to join you on the current slides (when using the audience pace-setting).

Send notification: Write a message that appears on the participant’s device immediately.

Open Submission (S): Open or close submission of responses

Show blank screen (B): Mutes the presentation screen

Result layout: The different question types have different result layouts. You can shift between the options for

the current slide in your presentation.


Sneak peek

Sneak peek can be used during workshops when you want to prepare your feedback or discussion based on what people have answered.

Click Sneak peek at the top to freeze the presentation screen. Now everything you do is for your eyes only. Click the blue button to resume

the presentation from the slide you are currently on.


Individual participant responses – part 1

To access the individual participant responses, click the Participant icon in the top bar.

This way, you can have a more detailed discussion with your audience, especially when questions are open-text answers.


Individual participant responses – part 2

Most result displays are “clickable. That is: click on any bar chart. Word or text reply to reveal who in your audience answered what.