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What is a Company Workspace?

The Company Workspace is a shared space by multiple users within a company or organization and is available for our enterprise customers.


You may consider it a catalog of content where a few authors can create training content for workshops, presentations, and micro surveys, while others can access this content to deliver their training.


Even though you can share Diggles with others and collaborate on content creation in the Personal Workspace, the Company Workspace has a few other features that make it more useful in larger organizations.

Let’s describe them in more detail.


Roles / Permissions

It is possible to assign permissions to different team members. These are the current roles:

Run only

  • Can only present Diggles, not create or edit any content in the Company Workspace
  • Can access results from Diggles they have run themselves
  • Have access to a Personal Workspace

Authors can also

  • Create new projects, Diggles, and folders
  • Import Diggles from the Personal Workspace
  • Access results from all Diggles in a project they are a member of
  • Give workspace users access to projects

Admin can also

  • Invite and manage users in the Workspace
  • Access to all projects and the results of these
  • Permanently delete content



The content is organized in Projects.

Public Projects are available for all workspace members, while Private projects are limited to those invited.


Custom Colors for content creation

When making Diggles in this Workspace, you can set colors according to your company design manual that will be available for everyone.