Digitization in the Railway Industry

Rytec AS is a Norwegian consultancy firm based in Oslo that offers consultancy services within the transport sector in Scandinavia. In addition to advisory services, the company provides training, education, locomotive operator services, and chief safety officer roles. 

Used for

Continuous training and examination


HSE, Learning and Development


200+ participants

Main Objective

The railway industry navigates a sea of strict regulations and safety requirements. There is a constant focus on competence development to ensure safe and efficient operations. However, with a workforce spread across Norway, how can one ensure effective and cost-efficient access to critical training?

Used Features From Diggle

The module’s intent is to uphold traffic and electrical safety during the design and execution phases when working with or near the railway’s infrastructure. There is also a focus on safety measures for all types of work and construction, and a robust risk assessment in everyday operations.

  • Allows for physical and digital training
  • Examination module
  • Focuses on safety and risk assessment

Advanced QT

Our Advanced question types are designed for more interactive and collaborative training sessions.

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Live Training

Cultivate a dynamic and interactive atmosphere that keeps participants engaged and invested.

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Company Workspace

Collaborative space for company-specific training and discussions.

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Final Result

By combining the strengths of Diggle with other digital tools, Rytec has elevated the training to a new level. With Diggle, the client can easily develop even more interactive scenarios, aiming to offer a more visual and engaging learning experience. With their digital arsenal bolstered, they are poised to ensure that Norway’s railways remain safe, efficient, and future-ready.