Powering a Green Future

Statkraft is a Norwegian state-owned energy company primarily focused on producing renewable energy. It is one of Europe’s largest generators of renewable energy and specializes in hydropower, wind power, solar power, and gas-fired power. Statkraft operates in various countries around the world and is considered one of the leaders in the renewable energy sector.

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Strategy Implementation


80 participants

Main Objective

In 2018, Statkraft launched its new strategy: Power a Green Future. The ambition of this strategy is to become a leading company in renewable energy by 2025. The objective was to ensure strategic alignment among all employees, using methods that facilitate active involvement and heartfelt engagement.

Used Features From Diggle

The first step was to create a detailed plan for the strategic alignment and implementation process. This was done in collaboration with a group of carefully selected individuals from Statkraft, both leaders and relevant employees.

  • A three-step process: mobilization, implementation, and continuous improvement
  • Strategic alignment among top managers
  • A global leadership workshop

Advanced QT

Our Advanced question types are designed for more interactive and collaborative training sessions.

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Live Training

Cultivate a dynamic and interactive atmosphere that keeps participants engaged and invested.

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Company Workspace

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Final Result

In 2018, Statkraft launched its new strategic direction: Powering a Green Future. By 2019, the company was able to achieve strategic alignment across all departments while gathering waste amounts of important data and input from all employees. The initiative worked so well that Statkraft in November 2023 once again gathered their leaders in a large, two-day workshop to continue their strategic work, with Diggle as their main learning tool.