5 ways Diggle can contribute to HSE programs

For several of our clients, Diggle has been a valuable asset to Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) programs. It can help enhance engagement, knowledge retention, and overall safety awareness. Here are five ways Diggle can be used in HSE:

  • Safety courses and training. 
    Diggle can be used to deliver interactive safety training modules and surveys to employees. The tool’s engaging features, such as multiple choice, priority and pin on image can be used to reinforce safety protocols, procedures, and best practices. Want to see some examples? Read more about our HSE-cases.
  • Safety assessments and audits.
    Conducting safety assessments and audits is crucial for identifying potential hazards and ensuring a safe environment. Diggle can be employed to create safety assessment surveys, enabling real-time data collection and analysis. This can help identify areas where further training and awareness is needed. Several of our clients use Diggle to conduct interactive and engaging safety training. 
  • HSE meetings and toolbox talks. 
    Managers can use Diggle as a valuable tool in meetings and toolbox talks. Its various question types and features can be used to gather feedback on safety issues, identify areas for improvement, and address employees’ concerns and needs.
  • Active involvement and audience engagement.
    Involvement is the key to improved business results and acceptance. Using Diggle to ensure involvement and engagement can help give participants the feeling of ownership in the change process, making the transformation smooth and easy. It also facilitates reflective learning and ensures that all employees feel heard and seen. Diggle further allows for live Q&A sessions and can be used across a variety of settings – both physically and virtually.
  • Safety culture assessments.
    Regularly assessing the safety culture within the organization is essential. Diggle can be used to create safety culture surveys and training modules that can help monitor the effectiveness of safety initiatives and programs. These results can be used to implement targeted improvements and reinforce positive safety behaviours. Feel free to use one of our ready-made templates as inspiration!

By integrating Diggle into your HSE program, your organization an promote a culture of safety, improve employee engagement in safety initiatives, and foster continuous improvement in safety performance. The interactive and data-driven nature of Diggle helps HSE professionals gather insights, monitor progress, and make informed decisions to create safer and healthier work environments. Additionally, Diggle is beneficial for HSE programs because it is completely customizable and easy to update, and is independent of time and place.