5 ways Diggle can contribute to change management

Diggle can be effectively utilized in change management to enhance communication, engagement, and understanding during periods of organizational transformation. Here are five ways it can be employed:

  • Assessing employee readiness. 
    Diggle can be a valuable tool for pre-assessment to gauge employees’ readiness and attitudes towards the upcoming change. This will allow managers to understand the level of resistance or acceptance and tailor their change management approach accordingly.
  • Collecting feedback and identifying needs.
    During change implementation, it is crucial to identify concerns, expectations and specific areas where further information, communication, or training is required. Diggle’s interactive features, such as priority, open text, and scales, can be employed to gather real-time feedback on various aspects of the change process, regardless of time and place. This enables managers to address concerns promptly, identify the needs and preferences of employees, and make necessary adjustments.

  • Training and development. 
    Diggle is an excellent tool for delivering and facilitating training modules related to the changes being introduced. This interactive approach can enhance learning retention and engagement, ensuring participants grasp the new concepts effectively.

  • Active involvement and audience engagement.
    Involvement is the key to improved business results and acceptance. Using Diggle to ensure involvement and engagement can help give participants the feeling of ownership in the change process, making the transformation smooth and easy. It also facilitates reflective learning and ensures that all employees feel heard and seen. Diggle further allows for live Q&A sessions and can be used across a variety of settings – both physically and virtually.
  • Monitoring progress and employee sentiment.
    Diggle’s reporting features enables managers to monitor feedback and progress of the change initiative, ultimately tracking employee sentiment over time. This analytical and data-driven approach helps identify areas that require additional attention and provides insights into the overall success of the change management efforts.

By leveraging the various effective and interactive features of Diggle, organizations can foster a more inclusive and supportive environment during change management processes, leading to better acceptance, involvement and engagement surrounding the successful implementation of the desired changes. Ultimately, Diggle is beneficial for change management because it is easy to monitor, completely customizable and easy to update, and is independent of time and place.